Sunday, November 6, 2016

Nightcap 11/6/16- Go vote, a note on DOC NYC coverage, things other than documentaries and Randi's links

The Presidential election is this week,

I know I should not be commenting on it, as this is not a political blog but I do want to say- vote early, vote often.

All kidding aside if you're registered to vote do so. Your vote really does count. Especially this year where the  choices are polling so close.

Vote. If because you don't you can't complain- well you can, but I'm not going to listen to you

Thus ends the sermon.
A note or two about our  DOC NYC coverage.

Coverage starts around midnight tonight and runs to November 18th. I am trying to get everything to run in advance of the first festival screening but that isn't always going to happen, partly because we maybe seeing a film at the festival and partly because of other things. The sheer volume of films (I think we're going to see around 70 films) and the restrictions on some titles is making it difficult to get everything up in a timely manner. Over the next few days leading you to the festival look for a large number of reviews each day.

Review lengths are going to be variable. Some films are getting long reviews, some are getting short ones. The reason is that was what came out was what we are going with. All the reviews started as the same blank page and they were written until we had said what we had to say about the film. I've collected the shorter reviews together to form reasonable sized pieces.

I want to thank Nate Hood and Ariela Rubin for pitching in and taking a chunk of the heat off me this year.

Keep us bookmarked because lots of reviews are coming.
I've been interspersing my documentary watching with some small comany horror films and thrillers. I mention this because ove the next two weeks there is going to be a lot of documentary releases-with even some new releases we are covering being of the documentary variety.

The trouble is that a bunch of the films haven't been worth writing up really short reviews for, or were films I just had no real words for -

RWD is a found footage film that attempts to do a found footage film that involves time travel. Nothing fancy it has the guys doing the film lopping bck on themselves. Its better than many found footage films but not quite as clever as it hopes to be.

ABBY GRACE about a woman going home to take care of a brother with OCD and having weird things happen just wasn't well made.

The Michael Pare film THE SHELTER is an okay little trip into the mind of a drifter. It's bleak ending caught me by surprise

I saw SUBURBAN COWBOY in connection with the Austin Film Festival and I really liked it, but I need to go back and see it again because in watching it I realized that not only was it was not only set near where I live it was literally filmed a couple of blocks away. Its the sort of thing where I have to go back and see it for itself instead of a film where I'm going "I know where that is..." repeatedly.

I promise I'll be getting away from documentaries and back to other films soon, just bear with me.
Links from  Randi

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