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Nightcap 11/20/16 The EMBERS soundtrack has been released, African Diaspora International Film Festival starts Friday, Monsterfest stars in Melbourne Thursday, Why I did not review LIGHTS OF ROME at DOC NYC plus Randi's links

Side of a building in Fort Green Brooklyn
The Embers Original Soundtrack by Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke was released November 11th by The Orchard and it was followed by "Kindling" a companion album of experimental material and outtakes from the score on November 18th. Its a super score  and I've been playing it over and over with head phones on.

EMBERS on iTunes
KINDLING on iTunes

I am not a music writer so my ability to discuss the score is limited, However I really like the score and if you like ambient/soundtrack style music give it a listen.

I also really love the film which is one of 2016's very best films. Its available streaming at Amazon and iTunes
The African Diaspora International Film Festival starts Friday and runs to the 11 of  December. Its almost 3 weeks of films highlighting the diaspora of Africans across the globe. It’s such a masterful mix of fiction films, documentaries and panels that several people have been desperately trying to get me to cover over the years.

The problem with my coverage has been that I’m usually reminded in the middle of the festival when I’m in the middle of things already. This year that isn’t the problem and it looks like I should be getting to a couple of films in the middle of the festival. Reports are coming.

To whet your appetite here are a couple of reviews for films we’ve already seen.

Death By a Thousand Cuts
A New Color The Art of Being Edythe Boone

For more information and tickets go to the festival website.
As Americans are sitting down to Thanksgiving those lucky enough to be in Australia are going to be treated to Monsterfest in Melbourne. Monsterfest is four days of thrills and chills of the best kind. If we at Unseen weren’t stuck at home doing family holiday things we’d have been on a plane to the fest.

For those of you who are able to go full details can be found here.

Those looking for word on the films screening here are links to reviews of the films we’ve seen:
Sympathy for the Devil

For more details and tickets go here
I know I promised to post the winner at various recent festivals here but because the pieces ended up very long I did individual posts earlier in the week:
I need to thank all the filmmakers who I spoke with in person, on twitter or via email during DOC NYC. You are all wonderful. This is why DOC NYC is so great- there is no wall between anyone.
I need to add one more film to the list of films I saw at DOC NYC- LIGHTS OF ROME about a soccer team from Abu Dabi going to the World Cup.

I did not review the film because in the state I saw it in, a work print, it was barely watchable.  I'm sure the subject is fine but the film was so badly edited I literally had no idea what I was seeing. While the run time of the screener was ten minutes shorter than the listed time for the festival cut the problems with the film were so much larger than that so I could not  review or mention the film during the festival and have lived with myself.
My brother texted me on a weak horror called film ABBY GRACE: Evil Dead meets The Shining meets The Big Bang Theory with a splash of cliche. Should win the award for the world's dullest axe.Why can the ghost move and lift everything but the axe
Randi's links

An interesting look at the Amanda Knox Case
North Korea's Subway
Paul Schrader the best bad director
Beauty talks about Beauty and the Beast
Groucho, Steve Allen and Carl Reiner talk comedy
Flaming Beauty
Filmed at Lincoln Center
Shipwrecks are disappearing

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