Friday, November 11, 2016


The story of the Bob and Nancy Griffith and their voyages around the globe by boat. The film is made up of interviews with Nancy and her children married to the 16mm film that Nancy shot along the way.

Stunningly beautiful film about a life of adventure is a must see on a big screen where one can fall into the images. Its the images that make the movie and make this one of the must see films at DOC NYC and maybe the year.

While I love the images I never fully connected to the film and instead of loving the film I really really like it instead. The problem is that the film starts at the meeting of Bob and Nancy  and just goes and there is never a sense of of what there was before. There isn't a way in to the story, its as if Nancy had sat down next to you and simply began telling you the story of her life. Who was Nancy before she met Bob? Who was Bob beyond being a business man? Its a hell of a tale, and it's a great tale but we don't have a sense of anything except the adventure. Without the connection this great story becomes a very good movie.

Reservations aside the images make this a must see when it screens Sunday at DOC NYC. For tickets and more information go here.

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