Thursday, November 17, 2016

Films on film capsule reviews from DOC NYC 2016 FILM HAWK and VERSUS THE LIFE AND FILMS OF KEN LOACH

Portrait of Bob Hawk and filmmaker and trouble shooter who has shepherded films from the likes of Kevin Smith and Ed Burns to the big screen. Full of lots of people who absolutely love Hawk the film is an insiders look at the man and his influence.

Good not great film is too insidery to appeal to people who don't know Hawk. This is a film that after a while runs out of steam and only comes to life when a good story being told- for example the opening bit by Kevin Smith is magnificent. Worth a peak but not worth going out of your way for.

Lovely portrait of the British cinema agent provocateur from his start to his most recent film. Told in a loving style you will absolutely fall in love with the man and his movies all over again. I am so pissed that he hasn't come to the US for his last few films because I would so want to meet him.- more so after seeing this film.

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