Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Vault of Walt Volume 5

More Disney goodness from Jim Korkis.

Honestly what can I say another wonderful collection of Disney related stories probably almost no one knows. It is of course a must read for fans.

I don't know what else to say about the book that hasn't been said before . I've reviewed all the other books in the series (read my reviews here) and to say superlatives about Korkis's work would be gilding the lily. The best I can do it talk about several sections I really liked

There has been a great deal written about Walt Disney's HUAC testimony. Many people have said things about Disney's tstimony that just isn't true. Much of it was lazy people not reading the testimony and going on other people's reporting. Korkis not only reprints the testimony he puts it into context in such away that you really feel this is how it should be viewed. Its a chapter that delighted the trained historian in me.

If you read this book you'll learn everything you've ever wanted to know about the original PETE'S DRAGON. Its a kick ass making of chapter that makes me wonder what would have happened had it gone any of the various ways it might have come together.

DISNEYLAND USA THE MOVIE was an odd feature I had heard about for years. Here is a chapter that explains what the film is and why it remains in the shadows.

I was delighted to read about Disney Holiday cartoons and comics. I love the story of of TRICK OR TREAT and how Chuck Jones managed to teal Witch Hazel from Disney and not get sued. I also love reading the long piece on Floyd Norman on the writing of the Disney comics. Talk about way cool.

The piece on Robobama, or President Obama's autoanimatronic self in the Hall of Presidents is really cool. Its one of those pieces (along with a discussion elsewhere about the Will Rogers bot) where you get a sense of how amazing it is how they robots come together.

The 1960 Olympics piece is just really cool. Disney was brought in to do the entertainment and to set up the pageantry.  If you want to know the difference between doing it right (any of Disney's ideas) and doing it wrong (anyone elses') this is it.

And as a guy who used to collect 8mm films the section on Disney's 8mm film releases was a shot of nostalgia.

I just love this book. Go buy it and read it.

The book is available at Theme Park Press, Amazon and other fine booksellers.

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