Sunday, November 13, 2016

Miruthan (2016) Ithaca Fantastik 2016

Opening with the cause (spilled chemicals) and rapid on set of the zombie plague this film then shifts gear to slow down and tell the story of Karthik a traffic cop saddled with taking care of his younger sister. He is also in love Renu, a doctor. Just as the zombie plague hits Karthik's sister is seemingly kidnapped. He then goes off to find his sister, and along the way ends up escorting some doctors, including Renu, and his sister on a dash to a lab where they can work on a vaccine...of course hundreds of zombies stand in their way.

Frenetic over the top and completely crazed zombie film is going to give anyone unfamiliar with Indian cinema fits as the basic zombie plot crisscrosses with romance, comedy, melodrama, action and a few other genres. This film doesn't shift tone scene to scene frequently it's shot to shot. I laughed I winced and my heart broke just a little. Its a completely over the top film that will leave you exhausted.

Ultimately I'm not sure what I think of the film.  Its so crazy and so all over the place it's hard to get a handle on it and what it's trying to do. Personally if the film had picked a genre- in particular the horror one, I think this would have been a killer film. There are enough scary, or at least creepy moments that had this been played as a balls to the wall horror film it would be a modern classic. Instead the film is an intriguing footnote....

...on the other hand the film is a must see for anyone tired of the glut of zombie films because despite its all over the place nature I am i love with the fact that it is trying to shake things up. For that alone it's worth seeing. I have to thank Ithaca Fantastik for bringing the film to America, or at least NY State.

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