Thursday, June 8, 2023

Breaking The News (2023) Tribeca 2023

This is the story of Emily Ramshaw and Amanda Zamora's creation of the news site The 19th, named for the 19th Amendment (it gave women the right to vote). Staffed by women and members of the LGBT the site strives to give fair and balanced news. However it runs into complications as the pandemic hits and throws everything up in the air.

Solid documentary will give you a good idea of what it's like to to be a woman struggling to do the job you were born to do. As we can see by the fact that so many men, and many women, are trying to reduce women to second class status, trying to be start a female lead news organization was not going to be easy. BREAKING THE NEWS shows us what it takes to try and break the mold and find your own place in the sun.

While not breaking any new ground in form, the film scores points by giving us a wonderful selection of people to cheer for. You can't help but like all of them  and the fact that we love spending time with them means that we happily revisit this film when given a chance.

What a delight.

BREAKING THE NEWS is recommended.

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