Friday, June 2, 2023

Chiara (2022) Open Roads 2023

Portrait of St. Clare who was a follower of St Francis of Assisi. She gave up her wealthy life style and went into the church instead, much to dislike of her family.

Well done, one of a kind film is a film I admire more than like. A decidedly off kilter retelling of the story with musical numbers and bits that destroy the fourth wall, it’s a film that has it’s own mind set. It’s a film that is doing things its own way and to hell with convention.  It’s a move that doesn’t always work.

The problem is that the film very much wants to let you know it’s about something. After several iterations of Clare's story I’m not sure there is anything left to say. The film also loves to show off its flourishes which distract more than inform. After a while I kind of stopped caring because this was more about the show then the story.

No, it isn’t bad, I mean I don’t hate the film,  but at the same time if I wasn’t going to have to try and cobble a few words together on the film I would have left the film somewhere in the middle.

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