Friday, June 2, 2023

Dry (2022) and Like Turtles (2023) Open Roads

Three years into a drought any remaining water is weeks away from running out. As life goes on people try to cope and figure out their future.

Scattershot comedy never really comes together. Nominally about climate change and future predicaments the film also finds time to have long conversations about pandemics,cancel culture and life in today's world. Some of the discussions are interesting, but they belong in another film. Actually much of this film belongs somewhere else since there are so many thematic threads running through this film it never really feels it's about anything. 

After a certain point I tuned out because I didn't know why I was watching the film.


After her husband leaves, a woman hides in a wardrobe and leaves her kids to fend for themselves.

This is an okay family drama that has some sweet moments. Is it high art? No but it entertains. Actually my feeling was some American star is going to buy the rights and turn it into a saccharine feel good film.a Perish the thought.

As it stands it's an amusing trifle.

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