Saturday, June 10, 2023

Q (2023) Tribeca 2023

Filmmaker Jude Chehub returns to Lebanon and looks into the religious sect that her mother belongs to. It is a group related to Islam and the Koran. As Chehub probes the beliefs complications arise.

This is a very good meditative slice of life. A look at both believers and an outsider who wants to know more the film transcends many similar films by casting a wide net that forces us to engage with the film from several different angles. This is not a film where you can sit idly by and not engage. In order to fully understand what the film is exploring you have to take time and ponder what it is showing us. Honestly I am very glad that I was allowed to screen film outside of the   typical crush of Tribeca. The fact that I could see the film and then sit with it and my thoughts have added a great deal to my appreciation of the film.

I’m going to be honest and say I’m not certain how to write up this film. A very personal look at faith I found that I was reacting to the film in relation  to my own personal journey. What I was experiencing was tied to my journey to this time and place. It was a reaction that was mentioned by another writer with whom I was comparing notes about what we had seen for the festival.

If you want to ponder your own notion of faith and belief I highly recommend Q.

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