Saturday, June 10, 2023

WIsteria (2023) Brooklyn FIlm Festival 2023

WISTERIA is a great looking western that was shot entirely in the wilds of France. That may sound odd until you remember that what we think of the west of westerns was a creation of Hollywood and the European filmmakers who tended to choose desert settings. The West is a huge place and it has lots of places that look like the open fields of France.

The story tells the story of a farmer whose wife dies in child birth. Broken by the double loss he is on his way down the spiral until a comes upon a Blackfoot woman who he decides to nurse back to health. Unfortunately the local marshal isn’t happy with it.

Don’t go into WISTERIA expecting a blazing shoot ‘em up, that’s not this film. This is a low key drama with some dramatic high points on either end. It’s a sweet little film that is nice change of pace.

While the performances are a tad uneven, the plot and characters ultimately keep us watching.

Worth a look when the film plays the Brooklyn Film Festival

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