Sunday, June 11, 2023

Uncharted (2023) Tribeca 2023

Alicia Keyes starts a camp for female performers where they can come together to create music in a safe environment entirely in their own way. 12 women are selected for the first class and we follow along with 3 of them DaVionne, Jean Deaux and Ayoni.

One of my must see films of Tribeca turned out to be the one of the snoozers of the festival. A really interesting story is told so dully that my attention wandered. I don't blame the subjects, the ladies are truly amazing and watching them come together and create and improve what they are doing is purely magical. The problem is that the way their stories are presented is so bland that it does a grave disservice to the women. Frankly this film should be shooting them to superstardom (they are all that good) but the film is so bland no one is going to watch it.

I suppose if you you are a fan of one of the ladies you might but this film is unlikely to light any fires.

I'm sorry if that isn't much of a review but these ladies are amazing and deserve a film that does them justice.

DO yourself a favor and skip the film and track down the fantastic music these ladies have created  instead:




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