Sunday, June 11, 2023

The Future (2023) Tribeca 2023

Dr Nuit Bloch is working on a program to predict terrorist attacks. In order to improve her program shs speaks to a young woman whose murder of a Minister she didn’t see coming.  At the same time she is trying to find a surrogate to carry a child for her.

As much as I wanted THE FUTURE to work, it never really does. Blame the script which is trying to do way too much in too short a time, and does so in a way that puts everything together for the service of the point it’s trying to make. The problems start with a lead character who is cold and unlikable. While I understand Bloch is supposed to be that way to some degree, she is so icy that she never even begins to thaw.  She is always distant. I suspect I shouldn’t really complain since she is the only person on screen with anything close to a real character. Everyone else are cardboard cut outs whose dialog simply exists to move things along.

The script simply doesn’t work. It gives us a world several years into the future that doesn’t feel real. It’s a world in ideas and not reality. It gives us character interactions that aren’t written from life but from someone’s idea of life. It feels like some of the stories I wrote  as a teenager when I was writing about “adult subjects” that I had never experienced. -The screeenwriter seems not to know about anything that happens in real life and is writing from what he learned in the movies.

This film just doesn’t work.

Not recommended

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