Friday, June 9, 2023

Your Fat Friend (2023) Tribeca 2023

Aubrey Gordon, who gained notoriety on line anonymously posting as "Your Fat Friend", publishes her first book and  goes out on the road to face her fans and trolls.

I could relate to some of what is in this film. For those who don't know me in real life, I'm a big guy or as Gordon would call me, fat.  I've experienced much of what Gordon talks about regarding how people react to seeing a big person. I've had the body image talks, the helpful friends and the trolls (I actually have, or had, a rude troll who would post comments to "fatso Steve" who would trash my reviews and my person. I know it was someone who knew me in real life because there are very few pictures on me on Unseen, so it was someone who just wanted to be mean...but I digress).

For those who have always been thin this film will clue you in to what it can be like being "fat. Ms Gordon beautifully explains what it's like to be plus sized in a way that will give you real understanding. More than once I said "yup I know from where she speaks".

I should point out that as eloquent as Ms Gordon is her experience is not everyone's. I said I experienced some of what Ms Gordon talks about while I having different ones as well. This is a conversation starter if you want to have one, to the be all and all statement on the subject. 

Personally I'm not as obsessed with my size as a should be or as Ms Gordon is and while I liked the film as a discussion of size, the real joy here is in spending time with Ms Gordon. She is a delightful young woman and is exactly the sort of person you'd want to hang out with and shoot the breeze with. I love that director Jeanie Finlay let's us get to know Ms Gordon as a person. Yes she is some one talking about body image but the the truth of it is that she is such a wonderful person getting to spend time with her is good for the soul - she is a friend.

One of the must sees at this year's Tribeca, YOUR FAT FRIEND is an informative delight.

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