Saturday, June 29, 2013

A few words on Rigodon (2012) NYAFF 2013

After her relationship implodes Sarah meets Riki who was on a reality TV show and they begin to have an affair... the trouble is he's already married with a young daughter.

I will freely admit that I am not the right audience for this film. The subject matter really doesn't float my boat, however because the programmers at the New York Asian Film Festival, have almost never programmed a film that wasn't atleast worth trying, I decided to give the film a shot. Happily in seeing the film I have to say that I while I'm the wrong audience for the film there are some who will eat the film up.

The story it self is nothing you haven't seen before. its  a typical couple hit it off and have hot passionate sex and orbit each other- only one is married story. The film doesn't break any new ground. that said the sex is hot and the performances are raw at times. There is a real intensity. 

You're probably wondering if I'm not crazy about the film one way or another why am I writing it up. Simply because it plays at NYAFF later today and I wanted to act as a pointer if you were interested in seeing it.

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