Sunday, June 23, 2013

A New York Asian FIlm Festival Cheat Sheet

Just a quick reminder that with the New York Asian FIlm Festival starting Friday the next couple of weeks is going to be pretty much just coverage of the festival. There will be some other films in the mix, but by and large we'll be covering the films and events that are happening at Lincoln Center and the Japan Society.

Unlike years past we won't be flooding you with 900 reviews up front , rather We're starting with some reviews of films that we had on DVD. This will then give way to daily film reviews that are in advance of their festival screenings  plus reports from the festival itself.

We've seen half the films screening, we have another 22 plus films we're seeing at the festival.-plus we're going to a good number of films again because they demand to be seen big.

The early cheat sheet of films you should try to see is:
LAST SUPPER (this is a a must see on the big screen)
CONFESSION OF MURDER (Peter has tweeted that this is his pick for THE summer film of 2013 and he's right)
LAST TYCOON (I'm seeing this again because it's a great film)
BLOODY TIE (This requires a big screen)
RUROUNI KENSHIN (One of the best films I've seen this year and I'm going again)

And keep in mind, most of the films are only getting a single screening so you have to go when they are playing. (The single screenings is the reason we're not covering every film)

I'll have a complete list of what we've seen and what we're seeing later in the week.

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