Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nightcap 6/2/13 Less old stuff and more new releases for the next six weeks

I have been bouncing a piece on Rob Zombie's wildly under appreciated THE LORDS OF SALEM around the schedule. Actually I've been bouncing two pieces around, one is a review of the film, and the other is a longer piece on why the film seems to have gotten some terrible reviews. The review is done, the other piece isn't because I'm writing it in fits and starts. It started as a  huge piece then I cut it down only it's getting longer again. Actually what it's doing is turning into the first salvo of some pieces on the state of older horror in the minds of some younger horror fans. It's going to tie into a series of reviews that look at the non horror roles of people like Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price. It's a complicated series that I'm still trying to chart...

So ...Yea  once more I'm biting off way more than I can chew.

Speaking of which look for the next six weeks or so of reviews to be largely relating to film festivals. Right now the Brooklyn Film Festival is going on. I have a review of the wonderful HANK AND ASHA up (go see it next weekend when it plays again) and tomorrow I have a review of DETONATOR which played last night and plays at the end of the week. That's another really good film but I haven't been able to get a piece I like so I've delayed the review. I think it works now. I was at the festival yesterday and I saw DRAGON GIRLS. I haven't written it up yet (I need the press notes to untangle a few points) and I'm trying to get some more coverage up for the festival so keep an eye out for more reviews over the next week.

Tuesday through Friday I've got reviews from  Open Roads New Italian Cinema at Lincoln Center which starts Thursday. I have four reviews slotted to Friday. Thursday I'm seeing the two opening night films so expect more reviews. (A cheat sheet- see PIAZZA FONTANA)

The following that it  looks to be a week of films from Human Rights Watch Film Festival which starts on the 13th. A review is coming of CAMP 14 TOTAL CONTROL ZONE, but you'll want to get tickets for it before that. Its a kick in the chest look at a North Korean prison camp. It's a perfect companion piece to THE ACT OF KILLING which is which is also playing the festival a month before it's regular release in July. (Thankfully they are not screening the two films together because if they did you'd stagger out into the sunlight and into traffic)

A week of random titles gives way to several weeks of coverage of the New York Asian Film Festival and it's sister Japan Cuts. I am not sure if we are going to be able to give you the killer coverage of years past but we're going to try. (See the LAST TYCOON,  CHALLENGE OF THE LADY NINJA and AN INACCURATE MEMOIR) To be perfectly honest until the rest of the films and the schedule is announced I have no idea how it's all going to go down...

Oh and I'm forgetting there will be coverage of the Jackie Chan appearances and series.

That's what we do know- what we don't know includes several other smaller fests plus reviews of an increasing number of smaller new releases.

Keep reading because we're going to keep posting.

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