Thursday, June 27, 2013

The New York Asian Film Festival starts tomorrow: Here's what we're seeing

Okay you know the drill one of the BIG New York film festival's starts tomorrow. As we have since we started Unseen Films will be there.

In order to give you an idea of what you can expect from us I've prepared a list of what we've reviewed, what we have seen and are waiting to review and what we're seeing at the festival.  I'm doing this because this year there are a huge number of films, most of which are only getting a single screening. But don't worry, in all but one or two cases reviews of the films we're seeing will run a day or two before they screen.

Additionally take note of the must see films above, those are some of my most favorite films and you should be getting tickets ASAP.

Berlin File (and I did an interview with the director which is here)
Bullet Vanishes
A Muse
An Inaccurate Memoir (a must see- I'm going again)
Last Tycoon (A must see that I'm going to again)
The Legend is Born Ip Man
Bloody Tie(s) (A Must see on a big screen because of how it's shot)
Ruroni  Kenshin (One of the best films of the year- and I'm going again)
Unjust (One of the best films of 2011 is back. See it)

A Life of Ninja
Beijing Blues
Challenge of the Lady Ninja (A Must See)
Cold War
Dreams For Sale
Helter Skelter
Thermae Romae
The Animals
Confessions of Murder (A MUST SEE)
Countdown (A MUST SEE)
Feng Shui
Juvenile Offender
Krishima Thing
Last Supper (If you can see this on the big screen do so- this is possibly the best looking most epic film at NYAFF)
Mystery (A Must See)
Peach Tree

Tales From the Dark Part 1
Secretly Greatly
Great War
Behind The Camera Why Mr E Went to Hollywood
Drug War
I'm Flash
Its Me Its Me
Ip Man Final Fight
Enter the Dragon
Double Exposure
Lesson of Evil
Never Too Late to Repent
Taiwan Black Movies
When a Wolf Falls in Love With a Sheep
Woman Revenger
Young and Dangerous 1&2
Bad Movie
Hentai Kamen Forbidden Super Hero
Warped Forest
The Rooftop

I should also point out that this year sadly looks to be the first year since Unseen Films started where we can't  get to all or if not all a film short of all the titles. Life has gotten in the way and the inability for myself and the others to take off whole days from work have cut into ability to see it all.

Remeber  that not only will coverage will be here at Unseen but also at Mr C's and Chocko's PLANET CHOCKO and Mondocurry has been talking about doing some writing over at VIOLENT EYE REPORT. Not to worry though I will link to their coverage.

Please keep reading because beginning tomorrow Unseen Films is going to be the place to find out whats good, whats bad and what happened at the New York Asian Film Festival.

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