Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nightcap 6/16/13 taking a break from festival coverage to look over some links

Winsor McKay at work
Happy Fathers Day everyone.

We at Unseen are about to down shift a bit, getting away from film festivals and coasting for the next week before we begin one coverage of one of the big events of the year, The New York Asian Film Festival.  Yea it starts on the 28th but we start pumping out reviews of stuff we've seen a week from tomorrow and coverage will last for three weeks as it bleeds into Japan Cuts.

But enough of that idle chatter, it's time to clear the cinematic palette with some links. Some are movie related, come are not. All are worth a look. Many were found by Randi, the Unseen researcher and fact checker.

Feliade subtitled This was one of the first films reviewed here at Unseen. Its a super film about a cat investigating a murder. Here's my review.
Is the underground home at the NY Worlds Fair still there?
Harryhausen remembered
Bob and Ray A whole bunch of the classic duo being very funny
On the WS show that is coming to the Park Avenue Armory. Possibly not safe for work
Basilisk a super short film.
Disney Tile cards
On Omnibus films.
Broadway Theater Marquees to 2001
Fitzcaraldo out of cardboard
Batman as 70's grindhouse flick
Rod Serlings Final Interview
Trailer for the Congress
Tim Minchin on the radio
Trailer for the new Peter Greenaway film
Surfacing in Times Square
Gene Wilder
Eyes on the Stars

And please keep reading - this week is a bunchof random titles coupled with some new releases

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