Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jackie Chan Experience:Project A and Project A 2

This is going to be brief. I went to the Jackie Chan Experience screenings of the two Project A films. It was fun seeing the films on a big screen (Though I left early on the second one).

The evening was cool since its always fun to see who shows up. Several people related to Subway Cinema were there and I saw a couple of faces I see at Subway events. By the looks of it and based on word from the last couple of days the showing have either sold out or been damn close so if you want to see something get tickets sooner than later.

Seeing the films on the big screen for the first time I was struck by how much I was disappointed by the films. Yes they have great set pieces, but I don't think the films are overall anything special. I'm guessing the reaction was due to being on Jackie over load, but at the same time, outside of the action they are kind of forgettable- which is why I left. (I also never realized how violent the first film is with the graphic-but bloodless- stab wounds and other violence)

That said the chance to see any Jackie Chan in it's original form on a big screen -on film-a fact that was made clear by a break and fluttering picture- is a treat.

Go see something before the series ends Thursday.

A Note to Lincoln Center- apparently everyone loves the Journey to the West Monkey King posters- one guy talked about stealing one- however I heard three separate conversations stating that people were looking to the animated film that was playing all July long.

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  1. i will agree with you on the first project a not being that good. It's a bit too complicated and you can probably cut out about 10 minutes (blasphemy i know) and it would make for a better experience. the stabbing thing caught me off guard as well. i have the Fortune Star box set but i hadn't seen the films in a really long time, so it was like seeing them with somewhat fresh eyes.

    i can't believe you left during the second film though. i consider Project A 2 to be one of his absolute best. If there's not a fun action set piece, there's a good comedy set piece and if there's not a good comedy set piece, you're getting a set up for the next segment.