Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Sadness (2021) opens this week

A flu like disease morphs into a plague that turns people into homicidal maniacs. It happens one morning after a couple say good bye and head off to work.

What starts out as a possible tense commentary on covid turns almost instantly into a film about the couple trying to find each other as all sorts of horrible things happen around them. Its an unending stream of violence, blood, gore and really vile comments. If you like that sort of thing this film is for you- if you don't stay away.

I loved the craft, I loved the set pieces, but I lost interest because there isn't much here beyond that. This film exists to be gross and to have people say ugly things and for no other reason. The film just wants us to watch people die and is little more than torture porn in another form.

Though I suspect a HUGE part of my problem is that the film's internal logic breaks down almost instantly. Some people turn into monsters right away. Others incubate. The turning always is when it can do the most damage. Turns of the plot are geared not for a reasonable action but to simply drive the plot. i was talking to the screen for the wrong reason

If you don't care about a real plot and logic and love gore give it a shot, If you hate blood stay far away.

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