Thursday, August 14, 2014

Danse Macabre (2008)

A while back Peter Gutierrez tweeted a link to the Huffington Post piece about this film. It is a film that deeply impressed him, and now having seen it it impressed the hell out of me too.

The film is dance of the dead with the dance being in the way the body moves after death, or rather from the moment of death, which we see at the start is from hanging. the film then follows as the body ends up in the morgue, in the coffin and disposed of.  Image  and motif moves us from place to place as say the hanging body becomes the body dropping on the slab or a folded body morphs in to a human heart.

There is a wonderful ghoulish beauty to it all that some how transcends the dark nature. I was moved and I watched it several times in a row just to see how it all was done.(And no the dancer isn't really dead, its obvious if you pay any sort of attention)

This is the sort of thing that one can only do in a movie.

Kudos to Robert Lepage who conceived it and to Pedro Pires who actually directed it.

(A word of warning if you do click on the link to see the film be warned there is nudity and dark content)

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