Sunday, August 17, 2014

Orphan and the Polar Bear (2013)

Wanna know the power of stories? Look no further.

Holy Moly was I moved.

Legend of an orphan who was being raised by community. However when ever he was taken out hunting by the hunters of the group he was picked on and left to find his own way back. One day as he began his long walk home he found that a polar bear had come up behind him. The bear was a spirit who took pity on the young boy and took him away...

I have no idea what to say.

There is something about the telling of an old story, that, when the telling is dead nuts perfect is truly magical. This is the perfect story perfectly told. A simple tale that has greater resonance and deeper meaning.


When the film ended I just sat there staring at the screen of my laptop with tears rolling down my cheeks. Why I have no idea- there was something about the image and the voice and the music that just all came together to create one of the most magical movies I've seen in 2014.

Its films like this that make me wonder why people bother with features since little bits of magic like this can be so much more potent.

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