Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nightcap 8/17/14 On the passings of Robin WIlliams, Lauren Bacall, Your Radio Adventure and Burbage at The Fringe plus links

I am heart broken by the death of Robin Williams.

I will not argue for or against what he did. It was his choice.

I have no real words-All I can say is thank you for the laughs, thanks for the tears, and perhaps I'll get to hang with you on the flip side, hopefully with Mr Winters as well.

Robin Williams says goodbye (to his wife) in WHAT DREAMS MAY COME
The great ballsy Lauren Bacall has passed.

She was a great lady who was classy all the way. She was always a beacon of strength.

My best memory of her was when I saw her on Broadway doing WAITING IN THE WINGS. I sat in the fourth or fifth row and I had Elaine Stritch behind me.
Yesterday a friend and I went to two shows at New York's Fringe Festival

Your Radio Adventure was staged like an old time radio show where over the course of  90 minutes two stories were performed in the style of the choose your own adventure books. The first story was a hard boiled detective story that involved a missing scientist who was involved in space research. It was okay but suffered from too frequent endings so much of the first half was spent replaying the set up sequences.

The second radio adventure was Road Trip of Doom and involved 4 friends going to Niagra falls and ending up in deep supernatural trouble. This one played much better and smoother.

The second show of the day was Burbage: The Man Who Made Shakespeare Famous. A brilliant play this needs to go somewhere say Broadway. This is a one man show that has Burbage talking to a boy who wants to be an actor on the eve before setting off on a summer tour. Its as good a play as you're likely to see....there is only one problem the show's listed running time was 90 minutes it actually rant 45 to 50.  If there is a way to make this longer this could be a huge hit in Broadway or Off Broadway house
This is going to be another busy week here at Unseen. Not only are we going to get the films of the day, but there is a slew of new releases being reviewed and then toward the end of the week there are a few films playing at the Lincoln Center Strange Lands, International Science Fiction series. Look for things to get busier over the next few weeks since despite my plan not to do anything extra, things keep popping up
And now Randi's links

Usagi Yojimbo - "The Last Request"
The models and behind the scenes of Last Request
Grand Budapest Hotel on Trip Advisor
Left to freeze on K2

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