Monday, August 11, 2014

Women's Letters (2013)

I am at a loss to explain what a kick ass film this is. Simply put director Augusto Zanovello has made a film that will by turns, amaze you, carry you along and ultimately move you.

On a World War One battlefield of paper and cardboard a medic (he's referred to as a nurse in the film) awaits a letter from his love back home. There has been silence between them for some time but still he waits. He waits and tends to the wounded on the battle field, fixing their bodies with letters of the dead and dying soldiers along the way.

Watching the film I was at first struck by the technical marvel of the animation. Its the sort of thing that clearly was both time consuming a a labor of love. One doesn't put this much effort into anything  if there wasn't a passion and a need to tell this story this way.

Once the the admiration for the technical wonders of the film and the amazing imagery  subsided I was struck by the amazing cleverness of the film. I loved how men were brought to life by the words on a paper. Yes its an obvious allegory, but at the same time its put so cleverly to use that all I could think of was why didn't anyone think of this before...

And finally I found myself hooked. What had happened between our hero and his lady? Would they meet up again?

This is a truly great film and you need to track this one down.

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