Thursday, August 28, 2014

Butterflies (2012)

Dark fable about giving up your dream and not following your heart is a kick in the ass. This is a film that is a wake up call for anyone who works in a dull job just to pay the bills.

A young woman living in a train station begging and selling her art work. She gets a job doing art for a card company and then has second thoughts as the job begins to crush her soul.

If you can get past the intentionally grotesque characters this is a film that should be shown to anyone with any passion for anything. Its a warning about the soul crushing nature and how it warps your dreams and crushes all hope. It shows you what can happen when people tell you no
and say you can't for reasons that make good sense (you can't be a vampire because they don't exist) but which are emotionally bullshit (why can't I be a vampire if I want to?) Reality maybe practical but it isn't always right.

I like that this film says that in order to remain in the light we must follow our dreams.

This is a magic film. Track it down and show it to someone you love.

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