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GEOGRAPHICALLY DESIRABLE tells the story of Nicole, a young woman who is a behind the scenes whiz at DC television ‘s news bureau. Working the overnight she puts in long hours and gets very little sleep. When her Uncle Eddie dies and leaves her his house and his dog in a small town in the middle of nowhere Nicole‘s life is thrown into turmoil. Not only is she away from the hustle and bustle world of TV news she also has a chance at to catch up on her sleep…and she has her eyes opened up to the possibility of romance with someone who isn’t in the business.

The promotional material slants the film as being a romcom, but the reality is that the film is more a portrait of a young woman at the crossroads of her life more than a romance. Yes there is romance and comedy but it’s part of the arc of Nicole‘s life, it’s not the primary focus. What we get is something better and more interesting than the promised genre film. This really is the course of one woman’s life and not a real genre film.

I like this film. I like that it’s a film that isn’t genre. I like that the film tries to do something more and be realistic. This is a really good film.

At the same time there are a two things that bothered me. One kind of a big deal and the other asmall niggling thing that will make you go he can't be serious. I am and I just can't get it out of my head. I'm sorry, its not fair to bring them up but they really bothered me

First the small niggling thing- the film’s look is too perfect. What I mean by this is that many sets are spot less and perfect. Nicole's desk at the beginning of the film is dressed to look like a desk, but it doesn’t feel like anyone actually works there. The office, and numerous sets, feel like they are Ikea displays and not places that people real inhabit. Taking it a step farther everyone's wardrobe is perfect. Everyone looks as if they just put on their clothes instead of wandering in from somewhere else. There are no wrinkles or signs of wear. Watch the clothing, say at the beginning because we’re given a time frame as to how long the people have been there-many many hours, none of the clothes are wrinkled, everything is freshly pressed. Also driving me up the wall was Nicole working in her jacket- no woman I know works in her jacket unless it’s for a very short bit of time and even then they’ll take it off after a minute or two so as not to wrinkle it. For a film that strives to get so much right in the story, the relationships, the portrayal of TV news, it mess up a lot of details.

The other thing is I’m mixed on the performances, especially in the early part of the film. Blair Bowers as Nicole is good but occassionally a tad too stiff. Yes I understand she’s supposed to be a kind of rigid soul who can get things done, but there are times where she seem uncomfortable to be in front of the camera.  I didn't really notice it until she starts spending time in her Uncle's house and the people around her felt more real and grounded. As the film goes on the cast gets more consistently good, and pretty much once she gets to the funeral things pick up and people didn't seem to be acting.

Yes I’m nitpicking. If you read Unseen with any regularity you know I do that, I’m sorry. I’m saying I’m sorry because this is a good little film, I shouldn’t be picking on it especially since the film is trying, and succeeding to do more than your typical inde film.

The film is currently on the festival circuit and a regular run is being planned for some time after that. If you get a chance to see GEOGRAPHICALLY DESIRABLE give it a shot. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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