Thursday, August 21, 2014

Portrait (2014)

The subtitle for the film, and its official synopsis is " A slow and surreal video slideshow of  nightmarish,grotesque and apparently static characters"

What it is in in reality is deeply disturbing  pans around faves and people in mid decay. The whole thing is set to a soundscape that makes it sound like your skin is crawling all over your body. Imagiine what someones melting or exploding face would be at the moment they realized they were blowing apart and you have an idea of what most of these images look like.

I watched this on a laptop in the middle of a sunny afternoon and I was disturbed, I can't imagine how this would play late at night or in the middle of a horror festival of shorts.

This extremely messed up and highly recommended.

(and give the filmmakers bonus points for timing it perfectly- long enough to suck us in but not too long as to become a joke)

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