Thursday, August 7, 2014

Moonshine (2013)

Give me any film that is driven by a Tom Waits song and I’m happy. This film is driven by Waits’ Way Down in the Hole so I’m happy.

A mix of live action and various types of animation, this pitch perfect film follows a small fellow as he is rejected by his lady love and goes off wandering after the crescent moon. Along the way he ends up in a bar, a church, battles beasties and has a few other “adventures”.

Filmed in black and white with an infusion of color that is best described as mimicking the style of Frank Miller’s Sin City. Th shifting of styles, or even the combination of styles is put to great effect in order to relay the feeling and emotion of any particular scene.

I love the way the film looks. This is a really cool film and not long after I started watching the film on my laptop I was struck by a sense of sadness- I realized that this is a film that needs to be seen big- something my tiny screen could never be. I screamed in anguish because I wouldn’t be able to get a really good look at the images... and I wanted to get a good look…

Looking more like a dredged up nightmare of discarded parts the film had me pondering what it was like..Tim Burton, The Forbidden Zone, The aforementioned Sin City…only I realized that the film may seem to be like those things but it is the work of its own unique artist. After seeing the film I’m left to ponder what Michal Poniedzielski will cook up next.

If you can see this do so its an absolute kick in the pants

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