Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Unicorn Blood (2013)

Dark fairy tale has  has two teddy bears Moffy, with a bow tie the color of his eyes,  and Gregorio who sports an eye patch,going out to hunt their favorite food.

A dark fable that will alter your opinion of teddy bears forever.Done in a style that looks like it's the art work of several amateur artists I know come to life,the sort of a film that doesn't resemble what any sort of  mainstream film would look like. I can't image say Disney ever doing a film that was either this dark or looked so quietly unsettling.

Watching the film I was torn between wanting to go on through its handful of minutes or instead turn it off and walk away. I stayed to the end and then instantly tried to figure out how to get copies of this off to friends who would love the glorious subversion of it all.

As I said the the film will change what you think of teddy bears.Yea there have been monstrous teddies in the movies, but never before have ones been so vile as to actually be minature humans. They are much like the people in Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast, outwardly beautiful but inwardly  decayed and rotten.

This is as good as short films can be with a near perfect mix of art, story, character and music.

Track this film down.

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