Wednesday, August 6, 2014

no timefor toes (2013)

Wonderful short film about the joys and perils of parenting.

Simply drawn film begins as a parent has a child arrive. We then watch as they try and take care of the child…and how their life changes at various points.

I found the film early one morning when I woke up too early and was searching the web before I had to go out in the world- anything to remain in bed. Starting the film I was utterly charmed. What a wonderful film that gets the raising of kids right. I was so impressed that I sent the Vimeo link to myself at my office and then began to share it with my co-workers who likewise were charmed.

I can’t recommend it enough- so much so that I’ve included the film below.

Viis varpaista/ No time for toes from Kari Pieskä on Vimeo.

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