Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Walk in the Flesh (2013)

Seven minute condensation of David Cronenberg's Scanners with electronic sound track and melty visuals.

If you thought Scanners was off-this is weirder- i mean real f-ing weird.This is morphing images changing and shifting and melting together in weird ways. The whole process is extremely strange and creates a weird headscape that kind of one ups the plot of the films.

And thats the trouble with Walk in the Flesh, a wonderfully weird and trippy as it is, I'm not sure this is going to play all that well if you haven't seen, and know, the Cronenberg original. How the the images melt  and what the images are are not explained in this short so if you have no knowledge or memory of the source this could be very annoying.

On the other hand if you know Cronenberg 's film this is an incredible trip.

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