Saturday, August 23, 2014

Streamer (2014)

The official synopsis says "a tub dweller meets a mind fucker." I would probably describe it as a man tries to make sense of an encounter with a certain young woman.

Jared Bratt's little slice of male/female uncertainty hits a bit too close to home for me. How often have you met someone, had a great time and then were left to ponder what they wanted and what was really going on. I've had I don't know how many similar conversations with myself trying to unknot what just happened and what it means. I have been haunted by  encounters and Bratt captures all of that perfectly.

Set entirely inside a small bathroom, with a couple of side trips into the mind of of our protagonist, the film seems to come from a great deal of experience. It feels lived in and it makes me think that Bratt has had some encounters that made him ponder a stranger who had  taken over his psyche.

This is a great little film. Its a wonderful portrait of a small moment that manages to rock one one man's world.

Track this one down.

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