Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lucia Luis and the Wolf(2008)

Two part film is of more interest for the animation then the story.

The first part of the film has Lucia relating how she fell in love with Luis. As the tale goes on the objects in the room break apart and images, drawn in the dirt from a broken flower pot, appear on the wall to illustrate the tale.

The second part of the film is Luis’ story and it tells his story of living in the woods and his relationship with Lucia. As the tale goes on the objects in the broken room repair themselves and images of the story fill the walls much like in Lucia’s tale.

To be completely honest I can’t give you details of the story. The reason is it’s not what its bad or anything, its simply that the film was in Spanish with subtitles and the animation, the breaking apart and reassembly of the objects coupled with the fantastic art on the walls of the room distracted me from what was being said. No offense to directors Niles Atallah, Joaquín Cociña, Cristobal León but the image completely and utterly over powers the words. I couldn’t watch the wondrous things on the walls and read the words.

Way cool. I mean really way cool.
Track this short down and be amazed.

Interesting side notes, the two halves of the film were made a year apart. Additionally the voice of both Lucia and Luis are provided by the same person.

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