Thursday, December 4, 2014

Barefoot Artist (2014)

Opening tomorrow at the IFC is BAREFOOT ARTIST, a portrait of Lily Yeh,an artist who goes into troubled areas around the world and seeks to set up community based art projects. The film shows us Lily's life as well as her projects which are geared to help communities and individuals heal.

A good look at an artist and her work/philosophy BAREFOOT ARTIST is a solid little film. The film overcomes a feeling of having been down this road before by having such a strong individual at the center. Say what you will about how the film portrays the art projects, there is no denying that Lily is one tough broad who knows how to charm and get the results she wants. Talk about a force of personality Lily has it in spades, especially when talking about the things that matter to her.

I liked this film a great deal and had the film not been dropped in my lap I probably wouldn't have thought twice about reviewing it. Sometimes its nice to have a PR person twist your arm a little. This is exactly the sort of film Unseen was set up to highlight, small gems that you might otherwise over look. If you get the chance do take a look at this film.

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