Friday, December 5, 2014


The annual look at Romanian Cinema is taking place at Lincoln Center (it started last night). I'm going to chime in with a capsule reviews of several of the films playing the series.

I know I normally do longer reviews but when I sat down to watch the films I found that I got lost in the films and didn't take that many notes. That's a rave for the selections since I lose myself it means the movies are damn good.

Viktoria is born without a belly button. This makes her some sort of miracle baby and delivered into a life of luxury. However when the Communist regime falls Viktoria's life is changed as she must now navigate life life differently.

Brooding moody film is beautifully made, wonderfully acted and to be perfectly honest not my cup of tea. For me VIKTORIA has a great first half  and then it loses itself in the second. It wouldn't be bad but the film runs an hour too long.

If you are a fan of Romanian films this is a must see, if not you may want to step away.

The film screens Monday the 8th as the closing film of MAKING WAVES. For more information and tickets go here.

Mathematics professor is placed under scrutiny when he publishes a paper in the west with out proper authorization. This turns his life upside down  since there is nothing in the paper of any real use to anyone.

Moody black and white drama about life under the Communist regime is definitely worth a look, A weird trip into the double think existence that would be gone five years later. Its film like this that make me keep going back and trying Romanian cinema.

This film plays tonight at 830. For tickets and more information go here

Bittersweet and frequently charming look at a 60ish woman with a nostalgia for the old Communist days who has her world shaken by a film crew asking her to participate in a documentary on  said old days and the return of her daughter from America with her fiance in tow.

I really liked this film a great deal with it's great characters, sense of life and pondering of the old vs the new. Probably my favorite of the series and a must see.

The film plays tonight at 6 and on Sunday. For tickets and more information go here.

A look at the protests that srpung up in 2012 when the people of Romania got pissed off with their president and decided to speak out. Director Vlad Petri follows the demonstrations for a year as the unrest grows and referendum for Impeachment is voted upon.

Excellent documentary walks the fine line from giving us a been there and done that on the street approach (how many films about public unrest have their been?)  and giving us some truly wonderful food for thought. Listening in on the various factions expressing themselves is marvelous especially when you consider that the country had only gone through even more massive upheavals within living memory.  Nostalgia for what was clashes with dreams for a better tomorrow and the harsh realities of today.

One of the better poltial documentaries of recent vintage and a must see.

The film plays tomorrow and Monday. For tickets and more information go here.

CHILDREN 404(2014)
Running as a small side bar called Creative Freedom Through Cinema which is looking at LGBTQ issues in Eastern Europe CHILDREN 404 is a look life in Russian under Putin's anti-gay propaganda laws. 45 Russian teens share their stories

I don't know what to say other than the film is a deeply moving and that you should go see it and get pissed off. I'd say more but ranting about how big a dick Putin is and the damage he's doing is not film criticism and serves no purpose. Go see the film and get active.

The film plays tomorrow. For more information and tickets go here.

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