Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Best and Favorites of the Year Part 1

This year there seem to have been too many great films. I've seen so many great films that I feel like I've been saying this is the best too often...but looking at my notes I still feel that way. These films, performances ect are the best of the year.

Because there are so many films I'm splitting the list into two. Today a list of films that would under any circumstances be the best of the year. Tomorrow is the few that are the Best of the best

MISS ZOMBIE- Sabu reinvents the zombie genre and makes a deeply moving film. I freaking love this film

BOY AND WORLD-Intellectually this is one of the best animated films ever made. It works for kids (who ate it up at NYICFF) but its something way way more for patient adults who'll be smacked hard by the denouncement. Why isn't it on the tip top of the list? Its a touch too cold for me.

FOOSBALL- audience award winner at NYICFF was apparently destroyed when it was dubbed into English from the Spanish original. On the other hand in its original form its as wonderful as animated films for kids as you can get.

UNLOCKING THE TRUTH-documentary on a pair of kids who play heavy metal. They're so good that they now have a huge recording contract.

LOVE SPORT FENCING-a fencing match goes weird-and I laugh every time I see it.

VOICE THIEF-working from his father's story Adan Jodorowsky makes a wonderfully wild short that is just movie magic.

NICOLAS PROVOST'S FILMS- I have a new favorite director and his name is Nicolas Provost.

ZERO THEOREM-Possibly the best film Terry Gilliam ever made even if the ending is a mess (the result of budget problems and a rewrite from something worse)

BORN TO FLY-documentary on Elizabeth Streb and her dance company  is just pure OH WOW

EJECTA-Julian Richings gives an amazing performance in film that is a damn near perfect alien invasion film/political look at torture.

WOOD JOB-glorious film about a screw up who finds his place in the forest caring for the trees.

ZONE PRO SITE-food porn. Glorious food porn. I don't remember the plot I remember the food and the need to go eat.

KANO-The true story of a baseball team from occupied Taiwan that exceeded expectations by making it to the finals of the Imperial Japanese baseball tournament. Its deeply moving.

SCHEHERAZADE'S DIARY- Wonderful look at the power of theater to help women in priosn

ZOMBEAVERS-zombie beavers-you have a problem with that?

HONEYMOON- A relationship goes wrong on the honeymoon at the family cabin-a creepy as all hell look at a relationship in trouble that will not only scare you because of the horror but make you think about your relationship.

VENUS IN FURS-A theater piece becomes a glorious motion picture. Polanski perfection

FUKUCHAN OF FUKU FUKU FLATS-The joys of being yourself. It will make you feel good and then some. I have yet to meet anyone who has seen it that hasn't loved it.

GHOSTWATCH (1992)-I heard people thought this was real when it originally aired. I knew it wasn't and it still scared the crap out of me.

NON FICTION DIARY- fantastic look at Korean society through the things that have gone sideways since the military relaxed its grip

SILVERED WATER SYRIA SELF PORTRAIT- the brutality of the situation in Syria using actual video from all sides. Its deeply affecting and I never want to see it again

HORNS-how do I love you- let me count the ways. As good an adult fable as you'll ever see and the best use of the song Personal Jesus I've run across

WHIPLASH-just missed the best of the best-but still as gripping a film as there was all year. I will never see JK SImmons the same way again

AUTOMATA-revisit of the I AM ROBOT idea takes the old story and makes it into something cool

DEAD SNOW 2- sequel outshines the original in a blood soaked comedy about nazi zombies fighting the living. Don't think just go with it.

WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL-possibly the greatest exploitation film ever made.

SHE'S BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE'S ANGRY- amazing documentary on the Women's Movement that started in the 1960's. this should be shown to every little girl....and everyone who thinks things can't change because as this shows it can be done.

JODOROWSKY'S DUNE- The wickedly cool story how one man changed film and popular culture forever by not making a movie. Somehow I suspect that had the film been made it would not have been as influential.

Tomorrow the best continues with the Best of the Best

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