Wednesday, October 26, 2016

In Brief: Vampyres (2015)

Remake of the 1974 lesbian vampire movie has more sex and more blood than the original. Where the original film had a couple coming upon the pair of vampires living in a castle, here a trio of campers and an older gentleman come upon them and complicate matters.

Reasonably okay horror film works best in the sex and violence scenes where a real poetic sense seems to take over the proceedings. The rest of the film is a mixed bag with some uneven performances, some fair camera work, and too much talk. It must be stated that I am not really a fan of the original film, so I find it surprising I kind of like this film better. I suspect its because what we get beyond the blood and boobs is slightly more interesting. It also doesn't hurt that Caroline Munro has a role in the film as well.

Worth a shot for adults who don't mind low budget retreads.

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