Friday, October 28, 2016

The Inde Memphis Film Festival starts Tuesday November 1

 A huge apology to the Inde Memphis Film Festival I was hoping to wade into you cinematic goodness but life kind of got in the way.

My dental issues aside there is no reason why you can't go. I know there isn't and I know that you, yes you who are reading this, I know you're clear I hacked you smart phone and I saw your schedule and I sent an email to your boss so feel free to go to Memphis and see something.

Actually see a lot of things. Go see CAMERAPERSON, TICKLED, CHICKEN PEOPLE, I'M NOT YOUR NEGRO, LOVE WITCH, LION or any of the other films that I really really want to see but can't get to.

Guys this program is killer- trust me I've covered over 50 festivals this year I know when I great festival is in front of me. This is one of the really good festivals without a huge name. Its a got a great mix of local stuff, big name films and some awesome smaller films

You have to go. I would but I need to take care of a rogue tooth.

If you need some direction here's a list of the films we've already reviewed:

PATERSON one of the best of 2016
TOWER one of the best of 2016
MEMORIES OF A PENITENT HEART one of the best of 2016

Look at the schedule, buy some tickets and just go. You'll thank me later.

For more information on the festival and tickets go here.

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