Sunday, October 16, 2016

In Brief: Let Her Out (2016) Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

A prostitute is raped by a supernatural seeming guy and is made pregnant. She then tries to kill the baby in the womb who survives. 25 years later Helen is hit by a car and sustains a series head injury. As a result Helen's grasp on reality begins to slip. It slips more when she finds he has the remnants of a dead twin inside her.

Solid little thriller may not be breaking new ground in it's story of a woman and a lost twin, but it tells its story with great aplomb and manages to get a few good scares and lots of tension out of the material. Well acted and beautifully shot the film drives head long into it's tale of madness along the creepy tones of  it's score  by Steph Copeland. Its a film that is the perfect remedy for a lazy evening when you can't decide what to watch and want something scary.


The film plays at noon today at Videology as part of the Brooklyn Horro Film Festival. For more information and tickets go here.

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