Thursday, September 14, 2017

Announcing Secret Online Release and Road Show for THE EYESLICER

I saw this at Tribeca and this is a great show over all. Its a balls to the wall must

“One of the craziest TV shows you’ll ever see. It could revolutionize short film distribution.” – Indiewire
“An insane variety show puree” – Entertainment Weekly
Tribeca Film Festival Alum TV Show Announces
Innovative & Experimental Release for Season One

Cross-Country ‘Smell-O-Vision’ Tour Begins October 9
‘Invite-Only’ Secret Online Broadcast Begins November 2
Forthcoming Series Includes Films by David Lowery (Pete’s Dragon, A Ghost Story)
and Amy Seimetz (“The Girlfriend Experience”), and 24 Films Directed by Women
THE EYESLICER, a new TV series and variety show collecting bold short-form work from the next generation of top American filmmakers, received its World Premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival in the Tribeca TV section. Collecting over 55 short films and commissioned pieces into ten cohesive hourlong episodes, THE EYESLICER season one provides a new path out into the world for daring short form content. THE EYESLICER is created by Dan Schoenbrun and Vanessa McDonnell (collective:unconscious). 
“There is a thriving new generation of DIY filmmakers in this country making work that is proudly, boldly different,” Schoenbrun and McDonnell said in a statement. “THE EYESLICER is a ten-hour, ten-episode love letter to this community, and our first step towards building a sustainable home on the small screen for them. It’s going to be a weird, wild ride, and we look forward to mincing a great many eyeballs into sticky paste in the process.”
Beginning October 9THE EYESLICER is going on tour. Co-creator Dan Schoenbrun is heading across the country with “THE EYESLICER Roadshow” a one-night-only live event featuring robot Q&As, communal milk and cookies, and even an episode presented in special ‘Smell-O-Vision.’
“We can’t wait to hit the road in October and bring a truly unique live film experience to audiences across the country,” said Schoenbrun. “Plus we’ve made some pungent, homemade smells that we think people will enjoy sniffing.”
"The Eyeslicer Roadshow" kicks off in Baltimore at The Parkway Theater on 10/9, followed by Atlanta on 10/11 (Plaza Theater), New Orleans Film Festival on 10/14-16, Austin, Texas on 10/17 (Austin Film Society), Dallas, TX on 10/18 (The Texas Theater), Chicago, IL on 10/22 (Nightingale Theater), Cincinnati, OH on 10/23 (Mini Micro Cincinnati), Columbus, OH on 10/24 (Gateway Film Center), Denver Film Festival from 11/2-4, and Brooklyn, NY on 11/8 (the Nitehawk Cinema). A West Coast leg of the tour is in the works for early 2018.
A limited edition box set of the first season featuring all ten episodes on a custom ‘sliced-eye’ hard drive and a bonus zine will be available as merch during the tour.Following this live roadshow, THE EYESLICER will begin an experimental invite-only secret digital broadcast, starting November 2. Partners, organizations, filmmakers, and super-fans will be given secret passwords that they can share with communities and friends. Viewers will need to track down a password to gain access.
The first three episodes of THE EYESLICER will be released November 2, with new episodes following weekly through December 21st.
“The whole idea behind THE EYESLICER has been to build a fan community for films that are proudly provocative, subversive, and strange,” said co-creator Vanessa McDonnell. “So we’ve come up with an online release strategy that's similarly left of the dial, and built a secret streaming platform broadcasting from an online bunker buried deep in the bowels of the internet.” THE EYESLICER will be broadcast at, with details about partnerships TK.
Season 1 of THE EYESLICER, directed by:
Zia Anger, Joanna Arnow, Ari Aster, Harrison Atkins, Brad Bischoff, Frances Bodomo, Garrett Bradley, Patrick Bresnan, Tom Brown, Christina Choe, Darius Clark Monroe, Taylor Cohan, Brandon Daley, Jack Dunphy, LJ Frezza, Augustine Frizzel, Izzi Galindo, Jason Giampietro, Sam Goetz, Sasha Gransjean, Colin Healy, Efren Hernandez, Gillian Horvat, Zach Jones, Shaka King, Nellie Kluz, Daniel Laabs, Lucas Levya, Elizabeth Lo, David Lowery, Ivete Lucas, Brian Lonano, Danny Madden, Jillian Mayer, Vanessa McDonnell, Michaela Olsen, Ougie Pak, Christopher Radcliffe, Iva Radivojevic, Calvin Reeder, Jennifer Reeder, Celia Rowlson Hall, Dan Schoenbrun, Kelly Sears, Amy Seimetz, Leah Shore, Nathan Silver, Annie Silverstein, Peyton Skyler, Matthew Sullivan, Yen Tan, Erin Vassilopoulos, Ryan Weibush, Ben Wheele, Lauren Wolkstein, Olivia Wyatt, C. Spencer Yeh, and the Zellner Bros

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