Friday, September 29, 2017

The Unseen Films Podcast: Hot Takes on NYFF 2017: SPOOR and BEFORE WE VANISH

There has been talk of an Unseen FiIms Podcast for a while now but there has been lots of motion but very little progress. However last week after the New York Film Festival Press screenings of SPOOR and BEFORE WE VANISH Hubert, on the clock for Flixist, and I grabbed an audio recorder and ducked into an alcove outside the NYPL Lincoln Center branch and recorded some hot takes on the two films which had just screened.

The recording called NYFF Hot Takes is the sort of thing that happens after most press screenings as we (and more often other friends) discuss the film(s) we had just seen. The recording is raw and off the cuff like our comments. It’s a moment in time capturing the pair of us trying to find the words that would become our reviews.

With the New York Film Festival in full swing we're going to try to do a few more of these, and hopefully drag in a few more friends along the way so keep reading and keep listening because more is coming.

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