Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Thirst Street (2017)

Quirky director Nathan Silver(ACTOR MARTINEZ) is at it again with THIRST STREET the story of a woman unlucky in love.

The film follows Gina, a flight attendant  who flees to Paris after her boyfriend commits suicide because he was convinced she only traveled to get away from him. Once there she misadventures herself into a relationship with Jerome. She then goes off the rails when Jerome's ex re-enters his life.

Quirky, odd ball and very deliberate film is not going to work for some audiences. With its ever present narration by Angelica Huston and throw back psychodrama lighting scheme this film is not going to  be either as compelling or as funny as intended. You either go with it's off beat and off kilter humor or you walk out of the audience

I liked what it was trying to do but ultimately I thought it wore out its welcome in the opening reel.

To be honest this film premiered at Tribeca early this year and it as the one film I simply refused to see because I disliked the director's earlier films. I agreed to see the film because I didn't realize what the film was. That said this is the first of Silver's films that I kind of liked Not a ringing endorsement I know but there are moments.

THIRST STREET opens in NYC at the Quad today  and on the 29th in Los Angeles

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