Sunday, September 17, 2017

Nightcap 9/17/17 More trailer quotes, rude comments,festival season, streaming wars, Happy Birthday Dad

Shameless self promotion: We're quoted in two more trailers:

Remember Tuesday is Talk Like A Pirate Day
While I have gotten my share of hate mail/comments/ect over the years Wednesday morning I woke up to someone cursing me with cancer for not liking The Miracle of Marcelino a bizarre story about a little boy who lives with monks, has meals with a statue of Christ who comes off the cross and other weird things. I like that some people find hope in the film. I find it weird. But I really have to think that anyone advocating harm for anyone who doesn’t view Christian teachings in the same way really isn’t a Christian and is probably not heading for the glory.

If you want to read the review that spawned this go here
Wish us luck this week begins the fall season in earnest as I and several fellow other Unseen people head into the New York Film Festival pre-fest madness.

While we deal with that we’ll also be faced with the Milwaukee Film Fest, The Brooklyn Horror Fest, The Tall Grass Film Fest, The Hamptons Film Fest and numerous others.

With Milwaukee we’ve kind of bit the bullet since we’ve seen around 50 of the titles already (look for a massive curtain raiser with links) but with the rest there are tons of film coming.

I’m not sure if you saw it this past week but there was a couple of pieces floating around the internet about the upcoming streaming wars.

The premise of the pieces was that with everyone going to a pay streaming service you will soon have to pay a chunk of change to numerous services in order to get access to the movies you want to see. The trouble is that with now Disney starting up their own service soon everyone will have their own service and it will not be just Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and whatever, every studio and distributor.

I was not going mention this but I had two conversations in the last couple of days with people who had ditched cable and DVDs in favor of streaming services but who are now leaning toward going back because the cost of all the services is becoming just too much. It seems the only way to be sure you can have all the films you want is to have physical media.

Think about what you will do when you have to pay for multiple streaming services....

When I re-find the article I will post links
Last Tuesday was my Dad's 80th birthday. Yesterday we threw him a semi surprise party.

As things wind down I just want to say once more happy birthday to my buddy and pal and a hell of a guy.

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