Sunday, September 10, 2017

Nightcap 9/10/17 Camden FIlm Festival starts this week, the NAPPING PRINCESS Q&A and rambling about NYFF

Just a heads up my home wifi has been spotty for a week so I am behind at emails, reviews and especially screeners (which is messing up my Toronto plans).  If I owe you anything I'll get to it- just as soon as I can watch a film in more than 15 second increments.
I’ve spent this week getting tickets for the New York Film Festival and plotting my press activities. The press end has been very good- on the other hand the ticket portion of the exercise has been an adventure that kind of worked out for the better since I bought tickets after I saw the press schedule so I dovetailed things nicely.

We’ll have a good chunk of the films covered but we can’t get to everything- its just not possible. On the plus side we’ll have a good bunch of the special events covered

Keep reading because good stuff is coming .
Just a heads up if you have been attempting to by NYFF tickets and stuff is sold out I have been told by the box office staff to try again tomorrow- unclaimed ticket package tickets are released in the morning and additional screenings will be announced.
The Camden Film Festival starts this week. The line-up is awesome- and while I am not able to do a full write up on the wonders below you will find reviews of films we’ve already reviewed:

River Below
Bobbi Jene
Cocaine Prison
Look and See
No Man’s Land
Cage Fighter
The Departure
Reagan Show

Tickets and more information here
With NAPPING PRINCESS  in theaters here is the director Q&A from March 19 and the US premiere at The New York International Children's Film Festival when it was called Acien and the Magic Tablet

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