Saturday, April 20, 2024

2 Short Reviews of features that came my way PROTANOPIA(2024) and QUEEN OF KNIVES(2024)


This horror film was shot not too far from my house. It’s the story of a man whose sister goes missing and begins to have dreams of a mysterious house. The dreams set him on a collision course with the owner of the house.

This is a frequently creepy horror film that has some wonderfully bizarre sequences. I like the film, it reminds me any number of early 80’s horror film I used to drive to right after I got my drivers license.

If I was to complain about anything is that the camera work in the more convention/non-horror sequences is rather bland and unimaginative. It wouldn’t have been noticed but the surreal sequences that the difference stands out.

Quibble aside it’s worth seeing.

This is a nice and unconventional family comedy drama about the dances that the members of a family have with their partners and each other.

Currently on Amazon and other streaming platforms, this is a sweet little film. Don’t let the fact that I’m giving the film a short write up fool you, this is a small gem. It takes a typical family comedy and spices it up so that it really is worth not only a couple hours of your time but also a few dollars of your money.

I really liked it. Finding an off the main road gem is why I continue doing Unseen Films.

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