Sunday, April 21, 2024

Files of the Unexplained (2024)


Netflix eight part examination of mysterious things is unexpectedly low key. Going in the opposite direction of most other documentaries on the same subjects. It’s a series that cuts through the hype in order to give us the stories with people who were there or who are connected to people who were and as such open our eyes to possibilities as well as stripping away a lot of the bullshit.

The first story is the Pascagoula UFO incident where two fisherman were taken aboard a UFO. We hear from one of the men as well as the family of both. While there has been a great deal over the years, this episode includes  discussion of the fact there were witnesses as well a secret tape made by the police  where the men talk about how rattled they were about what happened- as opposed to saying that they have to keep their story straight.

The second story is on the Myrtles Plantation ghost, It looks into the stories of the haunting, its credibility as well as pondering whether we should be making old plantations tourist spots. It’s an unexpected turn.

The look at the Yuba County 5 looks into what exactly happened to the five friends who disappeared after a basketball game. The film explores what might have happened to them (their car and some of their bodies were found 70 miles into the forest in the wrong direction from home)  by talking to their relatives who knew the men best. Having seen several YouTube pieces on the story it made the tragedy of what happened even sadder.

The piece on the US government’s cover up of UFOs is really good and nicely low key. While it covers some subjects, such as Rendlesham Forest and the recent UFO hearings, the episode if way too short (it’s just over 30 minutes)

The piece on Lake Lenier in Georgia is a creepy tale of a man made lake that is supposed to be haunted by the people who died in it. I was bothered by it and as such will probably never go.

The piece on Mount Shasta is a good cursory look at some of the stories connected to the Native American holy site. While the film ponders if the mountain contains a doorway to Lemuria, there are other stories to tell and I would love to see further exploration next season.

The Blobs of Washington is a good look at these weird blobs that fell from the sky and made everyone they came into contact with them sick. It’s a good look at a mystery that almost certainly was man made.

The final episode is the story of a bunch of feet that washed ashore on the coast of the Salish sea. While it’s a creepy story, and expertly told, I’m siding with the some of the mundane explanations.

I had a blast watching this series. I ended up going through the series in two days during the time I should have been watching other things.

If you want a rational and reasoned alternative to the over the top that History and other outlets give the same stories this is a must.

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