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Three Musketeers : Part 2 Milady (2023)

Martin Bourboulon's follow up to last years THREE MUSKETEERS PART 1 D'ARTAGNAN  continues the story from the end of the first film with D'Artagnan knocked unconscious after Constance is kidnapped. The film also continues Bourboulon's refashioning of the story into a tale of larger political intrigue, while keeping the basic framework of the story.

The first thing I have to say is that if you haven't seen the first film don't see this one until you can see the earlier one. Too much has been changed from the original tale so you can't really just wing it. Additionally if you haven't seen the first film close to to this one you may want to refresh your memory. I saw the first film back in December and seeing it with out the refresher I felt lost at times. 

That is not a knock on the film, rather a warning because I now really want to sit down and watch the films in one go.

As a stand alone film MILADY doesn't work. There are too many threads from the first film to have it make sense on its own. On the other hand the film as part of a historical epic (you need to see the two films as one) it's really good. (I will hold off saying great only because I want to see the two films together to see how it all works). The set pieces are fantastic, the images are Oscar worthy and the cast is great. This time out Eva Green gets to shine as Milady and she makes you wish she could get an action franchise of her own (she could have been a a great James Bond).

I had a blast watching this film. It was so much fun and it is actually emotional, we really feel the bad things that happen. Sure it's not wholly the classic story, but as it's own tale (I'm including the first film in this statement) that works wonderfully, which is all that matters.

If I may quibble with the film it is only in the films need to tease another film.  Sure there are other books with the characters, but this film wants to take it into another direction. It's not needed, and more importantly it's less satisfying.

Ultimately the quibble doesn't matter. What matters is the fact is  Martin Bourboulon's two part Three Musketeers saga is kicks ass.


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