Monday, April 29, 2024

Sharp Edge of Peace (2024) Hot Docs 2024

This is the story of the four women who were part of the four women who were part of the Afghani government's team that worked with the Taliban in order to maintain women's rights in 2021. We watch as they show struggle to maintain women's rights, and deal with a group who wants to crush them.

While the film was shot as events happening and no one could know how things were going to play out (though they could suspect). Knowing how it all played out makes this a bittersweet film. While we see the strength of the women and admire their tenacity, we are also kind of crushed because we know the Taliban lied and took away every right as soon as it was safe for them to do so.

This is a super film. It's a look behind the headlines and it fills us in on what happened when mainstream media stopped watching what the Taliban was doing. As such it is a warning about where the world maybe going as well as a ray of hope by revealing that there are good people out there who will fight the good fight and bring light into darkness. 


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