Monday, April 29, 2024

Am I the skinniest person you’ve ever seen? (2024) Hot Docs 2024

Eisha Marjara makes a very personal essay about her battle with eating disorders. The disorder was the result of her and a sister’s decision to go on a diet and it's slide into a many year long battle with food and body image.

Even if you’ve seen other films on eating disorders this film is going to rock your world. Less a conventional film than the cinematic equivalent of sitting with a good friend who tells you about their life. There is no distance between you and the story. Even as Marjara uses footage from elsewhere it still feels firmly part of her story. Actually the use of other images expands the story into the larger tale of society and how it views people’s size.

I wasn’t certain going in what I was going to think. As I said at the top I was rocked because you not only intellectually understand the mind set, you physically and emotionally understand it because the mix of words and image paint a picture that bleeds off the screen.

AM I THE SKINNIEST… is a great film and further proof that the best films in any year are very likely to come in short form packages.

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